Shika Moto: Villa Liza

About MMA

Media Monitoring Africa is a South African non governmental organisation that has been promoting human rights and democracy through the media since 1993. Our vision is a just and fair society empowered by a free, responsible and quality media. We work to promote the development of media that is transparent, diverse, ethical and accountable to its audiences. We need critical and constructive communications by the powerful and we help build informed, engaged and a connected citizenry. For more see:

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+27 (0) 11 788 1289

+27 (0) 11 788 1278

Suite no.2, 22 Art Centre, 6th Street Parkhurst (Johannesburg)

About CDP

We are based right here is Cosmo city and are the local implementing partner for Shika Moto. As an NGO, Curriculum Development Project (CDP) Trust is primarily funded by donors. The CDP programmes focus primarily (but not exclusively) on women, youth, and those without access to economic power. Our interventions are based upon principles of equity and social justice, access to learning and fostering self-determination.

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